Çocuk ve Genç » Haberler » It is the study of how people interacted with other and the reasons for the reasons why certain events in history occurred and the effects they had on human life.
It is the study of how people interacted with other and the reasons for the reasons why certain events in history occurred and the effects they had on human life.

Modernity: Modern as well as Contemporary historical research, University of Jena. About 1,100 cultural concepts, practices or subjects have been identified and identified throughout the bible. This program of study is current. This range of cultural "topics" will certainly be found in the Bible however, they also appear in culture or society generally. Modern and Contemporary History at Jena University focuses on German 20th century history. The programmers also assigned certain items within our library using the same notions. It also covers National Socialism, the Federal Republic and the GDR.

So when we’re reading an article that talks about an Cultural Concept , we can easily find where that topic is found elsewhere in Scripture and in secondary literature. Its research areas include corporate history, the media as well as the history of ideas and the story of Jews in Germany. This way, we are able to gain a greater comprehension of the concept within the Bible’s ancient world. The study programme as well as the related Jena Center 20th Century History are led by the famous historian Norbert Frei.

Let’s take a look at a specific case to witness this feature in real-time. Research focused on waste: Rachel Carson Center Munich. Imagine that we’re looking at in the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 and then we get to verses 10-12.

Students are able to tailor the study of history to suit their own areas of interest, like on the Rachel Carson Center in Munich. Jesus talks about joy in the midst of persecution. One of the most innovative areas of research is environmental history. Maybe we’re enticed by questions like: It covers issues like "waste in the environment and in society". Are early followers of Christ actually being persecuted?

If yes did they actually follow Jesus’s instruction to rejoice? The projects range from historic grazing areas in northern Colombia and the production of environmental documentary films. Let’s take advantage of Cultural Concepts to help with the questions: Doctoral positions are being advertised to international applicants too. Choose Guides Put Matthew 5:10-12 within the text box ( A ) Hit the Enter key to generate the report . Furthermore, there is a program of exchange that is in place with Kansas State University. Expand in the Cultural Concepts section to reveal any concepts in the passage. ( B ) University of Kansas. Click the link Persecution ( C ) to create the Factbook document ( D ) for this Cultural Concept found in the section. cheap Extend the Cultural Concepts section in the Factbook ( E ) to expose the places this concept is found within the Bible ( F ) and selected secondary literature ( G ) Living History Learning about the present through researching the past.

Find more hits on The Apostolic Fathers ( H ) Hit the hyperlinked links in this source ( I ) and have fun and be challenged by what was written about earlier Christ adherents ( J ) What makes me think that history is the most interesting major to study? I realize that it isn’t the preferred subject for most students, but there’s an important reason everybody should at the very least be aware of the history of our time: to appreciate the importance of our past while we move into the future. I don’t know about your but, in this time of more pressure, I’m both inspired and challenged by the example set by Our brothers and sisters of God’s Lord who have walked this way before us. With this post, I’m hoping to demonstrate the reasons to be grateful for the past, and hopefully aid you in learning to love the subject. To get a more detailed explanation of Cultural Concepts visit the book in your library that is called Lexham Cultural Ontology: Dataset Documentation . What is the story of history?

To learn more in-depth on this feature and other options in your program go through this Logos 6 Training Manual Volumes 1 and 2 Bundle. In simple terms History is the totality of a sequence of events that are linked to the person or event. You can also think about attending an actual Camp Logos seminar in Columbia, MD or Little Rock, AR. When you consider it this way, you realize that history is much more than battles, names, or dates. Morris Proctor is a certified trainer for Logos Bible Software. Then you ask yourself "what do we have to be doing as a nation right now , if not living an era of the future? Every decision we make and the actions our government follows through with determines the direction we’re heading in.

Morris Proctor, who has trained many thousands of Logos users over two days at his Camp Logos seminars, provides various training tools. What will the future generation think of when they remember this time as a good thing or with anger? While we live our own history, we’re taking lessons from the errors made by our ancestors , and trying our best to not repeat those mistakes. Comments. History is entertaining? SUBSCRIBE TO THE CONVERSATION. History classes in high school and in college often feels like being stuck in a loop of learning the same information every day.

Discuss this article along with other posts on this group. There’s so much more to the history of the world than the same battles that are repeated over and over again on broken records. Faithlife Today group. The history of the world is a big story that is both entertaining and can teach you what is driving the world to be as it is. Register an account or sign into your account to begin. For many of us, it’s a subject that was taught via assignments and tests that are merely facts rather than presented in a way that engages us. As we grow older, we are able to choose the kind of historical subject we will study regardless of whether it is through additional classes or written in books that we select.

Concept of Studying the History Essay. There are many topics to study, such as the wars of war, government and even the everyday. It is the investigation of the past and those who study the subject are called historians. You might not like all of historical events but I’m sure there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about. It is the study of how people interacted with other and the reasons for the reasons why certain events in history occurred and the effects they had on human life. I would like you to identify some historical event you like and take the time to understand it fully. We’ll write a customized Essay on the Concept of Studying History specifically for you. $16.05 $.01 per page.

It will help you learn so much about your environment and help you avoid getting stuck in the past. 807 writers certified online. In addition, when you discover something you love doing, you may not even think about what you’re learning. historians use a variety of tools and methods in the course of their studies. All you know is that you’re enjoying yourself. When studying history, they must make use of certain methods that allow historians to present the historical context of developments.

This paper aims to explore various methods used to study history, the methods of collecting the data and their validity.

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