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Feeling Like Being Sober Sucks? 12 Tips for Feeling Better

Find a new, better and more rewarding job. Regardless of the situation, being a victim never kept someone in recovery. So you lost your job and it wasn’t your fault. Is it a good idea to lie to someone when they first sober up?

Sobriety does not automatically come bearing happiness, friends and love. For me, that’s the reality of sobriety.

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That includes not becoming a victim to life’s circumstances. sobriety sucks Here’s how to stay sober, and sane, when life sucks.

  • But here’s a crazy twist; some things may turn out better than you ever expected.
  • In reality, you have to start facing these issues head on without self medicating.
  • For my dad who went from being my dad – to being my friend.
  • Find a new, better and more rewarding job.
  • Today we have the opportunity to connect up with other individuals who are in similar situations as we are.

We are here for you confidentially 24/7. I think a common misconception of quitting alcohol is that it will help you with anxiety and depression. Sometimes, it is the little things you may not realize are having a significant impact on your ability to cope. The good news is that you have choices. You are not a slave to your emotions or your addiction. You can choose to sit where you are for a moment, assess, and figure out a way forward.

You Have The Power

When you’re feeling down, seek out support from friends and family to help keep you sane and from slipping into old behaviors. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and let people know that you’re having a hard time. They’ll be much happier that you reached out now, before you picked up, then afterwards, when a relapse has already happened. Often-times in recovery, being sober seems to be the aim. It sounds like you are self medicating with alcohol. You need to develop better cooping skills and strategies for the bad days life is going to throw at you. Preferably cooping skills that don’t involve getting drunk.

sucks to be sober

Life sucks whether you are sober or not. Sobriety gives you a different outlook. Just because it “seems” like things will never change, that is not actually the case. The nature of life is change, no matter what. How you feel today — no matter how boring, stifling, angering, or depressing it may be — will be different tomorrow. Your feelings will look different in a day, a week, a month, and a year, so look to the future with optimism. You will have days when you don’t necessarily make the strongest choices to improve your well-being or strengthen your recovery.

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Maybe you will completely disagree with my techniques? That’s okay, at least you’re thinking about your own sobriety. One of the effects of addiction is that it warps our perspective; we tend to focus on the fun things about using and the not-so-fun things about not using.

But because of that, I have learned to actually DEAL with them instead. One drink at a time, over an extended period of time. They are detailed in the book Living Sober Sucks(notice my not so subtle sales pitch?). But don’t be discouraged by my words, life can improve and it can be better than you ever imagined. But YOU have to be an active participant in your sobriety.

Living Sober Sucks (but living drunk sucks more).

What happens after that first drink is in your bloodstream is anybodies guess. For the person who has no control over how much alcohol they drink once they start, abstinence is your best course of action (or would it be inaction?). By next week you wont be able to sleep. You’ll probably lose your appetite and you’ll have headaches. Let’s not forget that you might get the shits because your digestive system isn’t used to eating good food. Because I guarantee that at some point, your mettle will be tested.

sucks to be sober

Other drunks welcome us in with open arms. Then, if we stop drinking, our new title allows us membership into another exclusive group – the recovering alcoholics. We’re special, not everyone can be a member of either of these groups but I have been a member of both.

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